Who Needs Asset Protection?

Real Estate Owners & Investors

A comprehensive suite of products from a richly experienced team.

Buying & mortgaging the family home, assembling a site for residential development, or Europe's largest ever mortgage securitisation (€5.4bn), we have the experience to help you and your team.

We can help you with planning consent violations, lack of building regulations approval, inadequate easements or servitudes, legal restrictions on use, missing mortgage certificates, judicial review or public procurement process contraventions, or infringement of rights of light.

Real Estate Lenders

Simple and complex solutions.

Let us help solve single site due diligence challenges, manage credit committee concerns or help your professional advisers execute a multi-asset, multi-jurisdictional acquisition, financing or syndication, portfolio finance, CMBS, acquisition of syndicated mortgages, ground rent financing

Brokers, Agents & Advisors

Niche real estate insurances, valuation, leisure development & renewable energy.

Share with us your challenges and ask how we can complement your own skills and be part of your transactional team.

Distressed asset sale, purchase or refinance, time, information, budget tight, seller's warranties unavailable, a risk-assuming partner can underwrite the asset risk, allow safer and more efficient transaction structure, reduce financing cost and add value

Executors, Accountants, IFAs and Estate Administrators

Administering a deceased person’s estate can be a complicated legal and financial process.

DUAL offers specific risk policies where you have worked professionally and thoroughly but believe that there might be a will in existence which changes asset distribution, or where there might be missing beneficiaries who could claim an entitlement to the deceased’s assets.

DUAL is also unique in offering a Comprehensive Probate Insurance which insures an extensive basket of risks which exist, despite the best efforts of the Executors and professional advisers.

DUAL’s Probate insurance range provide invaluable peace of mind, at a difficult time in people’s life and allow you to conclude probate quickly and move on with confidence.


Our range of specialist Asset protection insurance products can be structured as insurance, co-insurance or reinsurance.

If you have challenges reinsuring your specialist insurance lines, ask us how we can help. DUAL Group is the world’s largest international underwriting agency with the distribution and infrastructure to help manage assets and risks across the world.

Our experienced team will consider risks of any size in any location.

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